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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Punny times

Well hello once again! I'm talking to you, even though I know not who you are. Ambiguous conversation? Not today because let us be honest, we're here about ME. Not you. ME. ME ME ME ME ME MEOW!!
           What have I been up to? That's classified.

Srsly guyzzz u no wanna hear about 13 year oldz puttin teh moves onn uzzzz. 

Ever heard of Transformers 2? It's that one movie where there are those one robots who do that one thing to save the world? My memory of the movie is filled with horribly bad puns and a pillow. Don't quite follow me? Well I'll help you with that....

"Guys, there IS such a thing as too much tongue."

This photo represents one pun that I sadly subjected my company to. If you haven't seen the movie yet, and then you shall understand. 

             No poaching. It's illegal and just wrong. 
Deer are great to hunt, but it's rather difficult to be a hunter when there is nothing to hunt.... 


Wow this thing is the cat's meow! I bet it runs purr-fectly! Kitty has claws ;-) 


Wow those are some beautiful mountains. So... majestic. So beautiful. I could just look at this picture all day.

Smiles are seriously the best things ever!!!
I'm ever so glad to say that I haven't had a lack of them recently. Even those days where I'm content to sit around and have a good sulk SOMEBODY has to make me smile. Isn't that just annoying? But it's a good annoying, the kind of annoying that any and every person should experience often. I just love having friends that can send me into a laughing fit with a word, a glance, and passing touch. You know what else is fun? Making connections with people you don't know and find out they totally watched you do a back flop earlier that day....

 Would you like to know what else I find annoying? Well if you don't wanna know you don't have to read it =P I find it almost annoying that my friends automatically defer to me to lead them.

"What do you guys wanna do?" "I dunno." "Lead us Grandmaster Bourne!"  =.=

But being the natural "Bourne" leader has it's advantages. I get to go where I want to go and get to watch the movie I want to. The hard part is deciding what I want to see.  

That is definitely the worst part. So many choices and permutations that it just makes life so complex. What do I want anyway? Simple. Riches and power untold along with a woman that knows how to make me laugh at any and every turn. Okay okay you caught me. I lied about that... riches and power untold can go to some guy that doesn't have the amazing wife.
Did you think I was going to leave you without zombies? 
Heck no!!! Lately many people have been asking me what kind of music I like. I like many many music. I prefer songs over the bands, I just listen to the sound. Here is one I love. The song is about the foolishness of the youth, the video is about zombies. I'm sorry if you have a week constitution and fail your saving throw.

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