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Monday, August 29, 2011





Drip drip drip!!


So if you don't know, I love the rain. What's more, I have an affinity for electron discharge (yes, I just used a fancy way to describe lightning). When you put these two together, you can hardly get me inside. I don't know what it is that happens inside me, but I feel the need to rush out and be in it. I need the rain. I am so infatuated with the rain I want to move to Oregon or Washington, Hawaii, Japan, Illinois, anywhere it rains frequently.

This past weekend has been just what I needed. I've had the rain, but more importantly I've had the presence of friends. I know it in my heart, that were it not for my friends I would not be who and what I am today. So thank you. Right then you probably shook your head and called me a fool, but YOU bring a smile to my insides. 

And we're back to the rain. Saturday brought a fabulous lightshow and a downpour I enjoyed so much. Sunday though, Sunday brought the rain that I cannot resist. It brought the rain harried by wind and harnessed by lightning. 

 I had been sitting at home watching Batman Forever, but that thunder called to me. The rain pulled me out. I skipped about outside.


Yelling for joy.


In that rain, I can feel the life flowing down from the sky. I soaked in the feelings. Sensations. I suddenly found myself on some country road out west of the city. Did I care? No, the storm was getting even heavier. 

I closed my eyes and spread my arms. I smiled.

I listened to the symphony.
I listened to the hundreds of little taps, the keen of the wind, the sigh of the grass. I felt the thunder, I felt the life pouring down. 
You know what's so great about sandals? You can wiggle your toes in the rain. You get to swish them through the puddles. I'm sure anyone who saw me, saw a crazed teenager in shorts, sandals, and a blue shirt. They probably thought I was going to be sick. They didn't know I was soaking in that Universe Juice though.

I wandered home and reached my front door at 1:03 A.M. I would have to be up again in five hours. Did I mind? Not at all. 

Oh and by the by, my bishop is awesome. He sang this song in sacrament to some dear friends leaving the ward. It was one of the songs I kept singing in the rain. I love it dearly. If you are my friend, this is one of few songs that I will sing with less inhibition.

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