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Saturday, September 3, 2011

"In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play. " - Friedrich Nietzsche

If you've never met me, why are you reading my blog? That's just a little bit creeper-style. If you have met me, you know I'm a tad more than sane. I very much enjoy jumping around and not having a care what others might think of my actions. That's basically why I have this quote because I realized that the other day....

You guys like pretty pictures right? Well these are some reasons why my family reunion is the bombdiggity.
We get a bouncy house and have amazingly cute children.
We all gaze vaguely at the sky.

We put candy in a cannon

We shoot said candy at passing birds and scavenge both the birds and candy.
 Cool pictures right? Well as you may or may not know, I am rather a decent cook. So decent I have trained a monkey to barbecue.

She's just so cute isn't she? And the best part about these photos? I didn't have to do anything!

Now the big and juicy part of this post. The part where I describe why yesterday was basically the best day I've experienced in an age. What made it so downright amazing? Well let me tell you...

It all started at 4:35 A.M. I awoke and immediately sent out a text to one of my compatriots. I then proceeded to jump out of bed and dress much like a fireman. I even took some time to brush my hair a bit! I then made my way northward to meet up with Hannah Thomas (By the by, if you don't know her, you are missing out on WIN in your life). A short stroll later we had annexed Jonathan Engle to the posse. Together, we gave a car a heart attack. It was much fun. We sat under a street light with markers, paper, scissors, and fake blood. It was only like five in the morning but still when cars passed we waved and the inhabitants of the cars waved right back. [I love Utah.] By the time we were done it was about 6:20 which meant it was time for me to run back home to see the littlest Phillips off to school. Side note: On the way home I confused a great many people. How might you ask? Well I have a knack for bird noises and imitated all the calls I heard. It was great seeing their faces when it dawned on them that this random guy jogging past was the source of the sound. 

Fast forward nine hours. I was strolling through northern Provo and I happened to have a small boon with me. This boon had a certain person's name on it and I only thought it right to return it to the owner. I left it on the porch and continued my stroll. Apparently that was the biggest mistake I could make. The owner of the parcel came out and vehemently scolded me and then proceeded to hug me. Must I point out the owner is a woman? 
Throughout the rest of the day there were many adventures and innumerable smiles and laughter that seemed to last an eternity. Not to mention the discovery of new friendships and a Harry Potter door. 


You might wonder why I have this video here... well... basically in the course of loud events where there was much gaggling, a certain person started singing this. I have to say I LOVE "The Phantom of the Opera". To hear this song unexpectedly in the night veritably stunned me. I stopped whatever it was I was doing and went and sat down just to enjoy the lyrical quality of this song. I have never personally seen any performance of this play, but the music from it throws me into musical bliss. So to the friend, if you are reading this, thank you.


  1. Bourne, do you have any idea how enjoyable it is to read your blog posts? -Trey

  2. Not really. But I DO know that they are pretty dang fun to type up.