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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hey people. Chances are you miss me. I might even miss you as well! (I probably do) What is on my mind today? Many things, and if you want to know a few I suggest you continue reading.

First, I'd like to vent something that has left me riled. As I was playing a game online, a person placed on my team had the username "I Am A Mormon". Obviously I was ecstatic to meet a person so proud to belong to the Church. Before the game started I was quick to send out a quick question whether the person were LDS. All I got was question marks in reply. Before we could further the conversation we were placed back in the queue to join a game and thereby no longer chatting together. As luck would have it this mysterious individual was in the next group of people I was placed with, but on the opposing team. To add more to my budding rivalry, he had chosen MY character as well. It isn't one you see everyday and I enjoy being the only person to play him. Needless to say that got my hackles up. So began an intense forty-five minutes of pushing and ganking, all of which I made it a special point to win. In the end, I was the victorious Rumbler.
 What is more, throughout the game he was continually salacious and ever ill-mannered. All under his self-proclaimed username. At the end of game chat I was in the process of reporting his name and conduct, when he began making jokes on "Mormons". This just sent me over the edge.

I was filled with fury and began berating him on how he would begin to imply that he is a member of a faith that he, in no way, begins to understand. I berated him for over five minutes and defeated every little thing he could throw at me. I truly hope I managed to shed some light in his dark existence.

The main reason I share this, is that I usually do not get angry over anything anymore. But when I saw this mongrel impersonating a member of the Church, my heart started pounding and my muscles began going into overdrive. I was ready for a literal fight. It took me about fifteen chapters of the New Testament to calm me down. I am still all.... GRRR RAUGH IMMMA FIRIN' MUH LAZ000RR!!

In other news.... I will be gone from the Happy Valley in a fortnight and six days. What will happen in a score of days? I leave for a job. What will I be doing? Farming brine shrimp eggs. Exciting? No. Well-paying? Yes. Am I filled with trepidation at the thought of leaving everyone behind? Only mostly a bit. Luckily I have amazing friends that make my life marvelous. One of whom can always see to the heart of what I feel and voice it. It's a somewhat startling thing to have someone say exactly what you know for yourself but unable to describe yourself. 
I'll be under that big night sky.

"If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things." 
I will miss all of you terribly, but this is something I have to do. I am a man with a plan, but the plan belongs to my Father. He knows everything that is good and wholesome for me. Like the wonderful friends that he has seen fit to bless me with. I love you guys more than I can ever get the courage to say. Need a kidney? He gave me a spare just for you. Need a massage? He blessed me with a skill to relax and restore you. Need a shoulder to cry on? He gave me two. One to cry on and one to switch to when the first is too wet. Need a friend? He sent me here to touch on your life and you on mine. 

I have a confession... I had my heart stolen away again. I'm pretty sure nobody knows. I'm pretty sure I'll make it through January without seeing them. I'm positive she's more than the prettiest, but this song is just too cute and I had to share it.

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