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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

She smiled as she looked at the flower.... It was such a tender smile, and so happy, I decided right then that I wanted to make her smile like that again and again and that I wanted to look at that smile until the day I died.

Some days life is average. On others, life is grotesquely PHAN-AMAZINGLY-TASMA-AWESOME-GORICAL ❢ ❢ ❢

These past few days, have been mostly the latter. You think I am lying? Well let me delineate, whilst you reconsider your thoughts that I prevaricate. 


  • I hung out (repeatedly) with a Marine that was back for a few short days.
  • Outgunned said Marine at Nickel City.
  • Have eaten around seven chicken chimichangas 
  • Had a running man-date
  • Ran through sprinklers. Shirtless. 
  •  Ran through a neighborhood where everyone was out doing service (including Marcus Rittmanic)
  • Saw a large chunk of space trash burning in the atmosphere
  • Explored Orem
  • Saw the band one last time
  • Interrupted Honors Japanese one last time
  • Catered at Timpview one last time
  • Hugged people dear to me
  • Smiled on the inside
  • Swam at midnight
  • Played H-O-R-S-E while swimming

I am absolutely sure I left out a sizable chunk of things that made me so happy this past week. If I spent the time I should describing it all, you wouldn't read it all.


I feel my life ticking away. 


The sands of time escaping my hands. 

But everything will be fine.

 I've got my older brother and Father who have planned everything out for me. Why? They love me. It really is a comfort to know that they will always accept me for me. Oh, and that job I happened to be accepted to? Well the money I will earn will be just enough to pay for two years of me going and spreading the light of the gospel throughout the world. Coincidence? I think not. The fact that any doubts I had were dispelled yesterday? Another definite sign there is a plan to my life that I can learn to live by listening to a certain still, small voice.

Oh, and then there are all these amazing people in my life. People I can vent to, people that make me smile, people that actually massage me for a change. They are so stupendous. I really wish I could give a description that would give any one of them justice. Imagine a seriously beautiful person, then stick in a ludicrous mind, and a dazzling smile. Now you have a glimpse what any one of my friends is.

At the time of this post... I have approximately 28 hours before I leave to the desert (though I won't ride through it on a horse with no name) and out of your lives for an age. I don't mind for quite a few reasons, but the top one I will describe right now is... my day today. Several hours of service to start it off right. Then not so random wanderings with two friends. Same two friends accompanied me to bowling, fudge, and they also helped me throw parachuter men off the area underneath the BYU Clock Tower. Oh, and then I went back to cleaning... but then I forgot to give a present to somebody.... and I gave it while the the sun was setting behind them. It looked a bit like this, but it was even more pulchritudinous.

I ran home. What next? I was the gay/straight-best-girl/guy friend and went and got a pedicure with this marvelous girl I know. We also happened to go and get some pretty dang great food at the Spice Grill on University. This place has been one of the few restaurants to give me a spicy heat that makes my nose run. 


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    1. Our running man-date was totally legit.