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Saturday, September 17, 2011

I love my life

OH EM GEE!! I miss watching Powerpuff Girls....

I like life
Life likes me
Life and
I fairly fully agree
Life is fine
Life is good
'Specially mine, which is just as it should be
I like pouring the wine and why not?
Life's a pleasure that
I deny not

I like life
Here and now
Life and
I made a mutual vow
I die
Life and
We'll both try to be better somehow
And if life were a woman
She would be my wife

One day, I will be able to sing like this. Moving on....

I like LOVE my life. Not too long ago I found myself so full of spite for the world. Then I took some time in my life to just think on and ponder the scriptures. Pondering led to revelations. Revelation led to action. Action led to happiness. (If you just imagined a short, green creature you win.[TGIT])

I have such amazing people in my life. I am so glad I have been so richly blessed in friends. They all just do so much for me all the time, mostly they do it without knowing. I probably bore you with how much I talk about how great my friends are, but they really are that great and they mean so much to me. I'm pretty sure if I didn't have them I'd.... cry in a corner before becoming a super villain. Okay. You caught me. I'd just cry in corners a lot.

 See that over there? --->

That's part of the reason my friends are so awesome. Not because they willingly would dress up as zombies, but that they feel comfortable doing it(or would if given the chance). I'm sure you are wondering why I have a picture of me all living-impaired.... well to be honest... it was for a birthday party. Yeah. Even more? The party was for a girl. Epic.

DISCLAIMER:Photos were taken after hours and hours of partying and sweet running, so the makeup is much diminished.

We all were turned into denizens of the undead by her mother, who happens to be a professional make-up artist for movies and such. Then we left for Nightmare on 13th in Salt Lake City. Did I mention we stopped at the Maverik by the University Mall? Well now I did, and the time in the gas station was awesome. At the haunted house, I actually was frightened out of my wits several times. They even had a train blast me in the face. I almost died from fright. It made my night. I'm pretty sure the people I was around hated me because I tended to scare them more than the house... Oh. I may or may not have slapped somebody across the face... We also got into a party. And that party was dead... like the attendants were dead, but the party was dead to. With sixteen in our group, this one photographer guy had a hey day taking pictures and making it seem like there were more people than there really was. Gotta love perception.
So pretty much my time was over after the zombie birthday party? Wrong. I went running from Indian Hills down to BYU campus. Whenever I saw some people coming my way I quickly switched to my limp armed shamble, complete with moaning. It totally freaked out 75% of all zoobies encountered. Now I'm sure you are attempting to postulate as to my purpose, and I assure you I had a purpose. To visit my cousin. Now she, my cousin, is the one cousin of mine who is of an age with me and also one who I have met. She lives in Helaman Halls. I had no idea which dormitories were those so I had to stop and ask random people directions. They'll be talking about me for about a week I'm sure. Eventually I found my way to Hinckley Hall and my cousin. She wasn't really surprised, but when she explained I was her cousin, people who knew her just said it made sense. That was rather humorous. Basically I sat and chatted with her for about twenty minutes in the lobby of the Hall... getting random stares every second of it.

That... that's a.... a... tumor! Yeah!! That's part of my zombie costume.

Eventually I bade her good night and set off loping away. Now you have never seen me in my mile-devouring stride. I pretty much flow across the land as a wraith might. Where was I headed now? To the home of another friend. Why? They were partying it up as well. That's when I stood on a street corner (9th East and Center to be precise) and flaunted my undead limbs. I got picked up. (So I've noticed this weird pattern in my life. When I stand on a corner and stick my leg out seductive-like I get picked up by people and we have tons of fun) What's more? I got picked up by a man in a Kilt and boots. Oh yeah. With a German-made pimpmobile. Returning to his home I walked in. There, another one of my friends was having a psychological battle. She is morbidly afraid of the ambulatory deceased. She enjoys my company. But here I was, some familiar monster that may have eaten her. To make her battle better I plopped down on the couch next to her. Do you know what she did?  

SHE TOOK OFF HER COWBOY BOOT AND BRANDISHED IT AT ME! Luckily, I calmly reached for an extremely crunchy salt and vinegar chip. Everybody else in the room was having a ball. They didn't have their greatest fear sitting next to them and they DEFINITELY did not have a woman aiming a cowboy boot at them. As it was getting to be close to one in the morning the girls all decided they had best be getting to sleep for work and such, so they all began filing out and saying goodbyes. I almost didn't get a hug from the friend. It resulted in a staredown and me saying,  

"If you don't give me a hug I will definitely give you nightmares."

She complied after about another minute. They all left and began getting into the pimpmobile. I decided it was time to stagger out there and terrify the friend. It was so frightening that I won't even attempt to report the incident. After the Scotsman returned, we watched Shaun of the Dead. What might we do after laughing that much? We got Mexican food of course.

Ethnic food at three in the morning? Surely you must be kidding Zombie Man! No, no I was not. There is this delectable Mexican Restaurant named Comalitos. When you walk in, the prices may seem rather high, but they really aren't. What I got, a number sixteen. A chicken Chimichanga with rice and refried beans. $7.50. The Chicken chimi is always a foot long, and as thick as my fist. Oh, and I almost forgot. We were basically the setup for a joke. 

A male nurse, a Scotsman, and a zombie walk into a Mexican restaurant....  

I got home somewhere near four thirty. I didn't really pay attention. You know why? 



Yes. Right as I walked in the door way I saw sushi and ate some, even before I bothered to turn on a light. Seaweed? Delicious. The fact that my twelve year old sister rolled it made it so much better. The only thing I really wanted that was not there: Eel Sauce. I rinsed off in the shower and did not even begin to tame my wildly back-combed hair. When did this not so little boy crawl into his comfortable bed? Five A.M. on the dot. 

Oh look... make-up I missed...
   I LOVE MY LIFE!!! You make my life phantasmagorical. Thank you!!

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  1. You're right, that did make me very happy :) You rock Bourne!