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Monday, November 15, 2010

Little Children and Hot Chocolate

Not that the two topics discussed in the title are linked at all.... but I figured it was time to update all my unfaithful readers on the happenings of my life. Last Thursday, the 315th day of God's year 2010, I had the pleasure of introducing one of the last remaining Navajo Code Talkers in the world. After stumbling through my introduction and a close brush with disaster, I walked over and shook that man's hand. Twice. Then I had the very unique experience of having the veteran I introduced bash the State of the Union and our president. A certainly memorable day. The rest of the marvelous assembly passed without incident. Using my sweet connections I got Navajo Tacos, cake, and a most deliciously wrapped mint. The mint was decent too. 
             Friday came and the most exciting part of my classes was that I dominated a friend in Flying Slime Volleyball during Accounting. I very much suggest this game. After school I headed into work at Kneaders, it was average besides the fact we were to have a mandatory training meeting Saturday night (that's the 317th day of the year XD ) at 10 Post Meridian. What joy.
            Saturday dawned with me in the shower getting ready for my exciting day ahead. I was invited to Man of Fire's birthday party which was set to being a 11 Ante-Meridian. I managed to delay showing up until 10:52 Ante-Meridian. Duff has trained me too well. Shrimpy showed up precisely as eleven bell tolls rang throughout the land. We then sat and spoke of mundane things for another half hour for other guests to show up, then continued to spend half an hour watching blue shiny dolphins chase each other around in circles. At this point all conversation stopped. We overcame our love for the shiny and went out and bowled for 4500 seconds, returned the the Man of Fire's home where we played Pirate Dice and ate pizza. After that we went to Timpview, played Ultimate and zombie games we made up. It was much fun. After that we crashed at a Russian Man's house and were entertained by glowsticks and a rubber chicken. Not much happened after that. Except that I went into work.  Everyone was trained on how to use a fancy hot chocolate/ frappe/ cappuccino machine. Even those who hardly see the light of day, those who are shoved into the back depths of Kneaders. I then proceeded to indulge on the pizza, hot chocolate, and delicious delicacies that were all free.
    When Sunday dawned, I was asleep. I slept until 20 minutes before I had to be at the church to fulfill my priestly duties. I went through my ablutions, dressed, then gave and attended services. After church I landed on my bed and was unconscious for the next four hours. I got up, ate some tots, then went back to sleep. 
    Now on Monday I had the pleasure of being kidnapped to Gandy's for lunch. The Crew was delicious as always, made all the more delicious of not having to be the one buying the round of food. When I returned home, I found out that I will be dancing next Monday, the 326th day of the year, for little children.  
That's my eventful life updated in a long post most people won't bother to read =D

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Having Fall Band end, I was looking forward to some much craved rest. Luckily for me, life has other plans. Shortly before leaving for Fall Tour I was asked to speak in the Veteran's Day assembly. I accepted and spent some few hours in the desert endeavoring to compose a decent oration, but I just failed miserably and decided that I would wing it and use notecards. After returning from tour I tried in vain to recover from the "sleepover" I had incurred over tour.

Main Entry: sleepover
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: a condition resulting from lack of sleep

The weekend came and I was excited for sleep. And then I remembered. My hoop instructor told me a few weeks back that I should go to the World competition this year, as a competitor. Apparently with some work and refinement it would be worth my while. I personally think she's crazy for thinking it but whatevs. So for the past day or two I've been preparing myself for that performance. The list of things to do never ends, but that's the part of the joy of life. Yay. I need some flan.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Beginning

There are no beginnings, there are no ends, but this is A beginning.
      It was a long, sleepless night, and I was once again alone at the computer with a bowl of Captain Crunch and strange music nobody else listens to. I was referred to my friend's blog, and was hooked. Then band tour happened and I never made it... until the night after. That's the entire story about how this began. I find myself spending far too much time on Facebook trying to decide on what I should say in those worthless statuses, here is the answer. How long will this last with me? How often will I update? I know not, but Shiva willing, it will stay for more than a small while. 
  With this blogging experience I hope that people will be able to see a bit more into who I am and hopefully not be so apprehensive of me (not to mention I have full rights to brag about my amazing legs on here). Now my readers, watch and see what the pictures in my head show me:

Recently, I returned from my last band tour. It was an experience I do not regret and wish I could relive. The amazing people I got to spend my last 7,809 minutes. To list all the memories that I have would take more time than I care to spend, or that you care to read, but they all are cherished. Even that stinking hobo, I will look fondly back on my first whiff of the waste of society (which happens to smell worse than pig pens I've cleaned). Back to the people, I imagine some of you are them, and I really do mean that I love you. Not in the most awkward way possible, but I guess I'm awkward enough that it's close enough. In the Timpview Band, I've grown into a person that's self confident and a decent enough individual. I think that's because of all the examples I've had to look up to, so thank you. Even if you aren't in the band, the fact that you are reading this probably means that you have influenced my life in some way. 
   Enough seriousness, I can't do that too often in a month or else I start looking like an old person. I'm craving HOT sauce. Maybe Dave's Insanity sauce. I love that stuff, even though it burns worse than sticking cold hands into hot water. Christmas present anyone?