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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Oh wow!!! Looky here... another blog post!! I know it has been ages since I last made one, and it has recently come to my attention that some people actually look at my blog. Shocking right? It's pretty ridiculous, but the truth tends to be ridiculous.
               I lack a defined topic today, but a short while back I happened to see a sight that I'm not entirely sure what to think of it. While at Chuck-a-rama (thanks to my saintly grandfather who treated my family and some wayward waifs to that smorgasbord) I was being bored out of my skull while waiting for a table to open up for out party of nine. After what was an eternity (Five minutes is an eternity when you're hungry and sitting at the edge of a buffet) we were shown to our tables. I eagerly grabbed a plate and piled it with food and sat down to eat. Much to my surprise, however, after my third mouthful I thought I heard my name. I confusedly turned around and scanned the dining room and saw a guy... his name happens to be Joshua Rasmussen and he is from Fillmore, Utah. Near him was a number of familiar faces, but more beautiful than I remembered. More like reflections in a pool that have been Photoshopped, but real. It was quite the surreal experience to see these specters from a bygone phase in my life. Since leaving that quaint, bucolic hamlet I have realized I truly have changed so much and I very much doubt I would be able to re-assimilate into that hamlet.

      At times I miss the friends I had down there, the sound of the snow falling, the personal symphony outside my bedroom every night. I miss the crispness of the air, the bubbling of the creek while I fished it, and the long days of the hottest season in the year where distractions and diversions were just waiting to be discovered. Despite all these pinings, I've truly changed too much to return and be content. In this great Northland I've really grown as a person.
Much of this growth occurred solely because of the influence of one of the greatest men I've known, and that is Doctor David Fullmer. I would trust this man with my life without any qualms, and I know it would be in the best hands. Anyone who has spent a summer with him knows exactly what I mean, he cares about EVERY individual that enters his program. He most definitely gets angry and all up in yo face, but it's because he loves you. "Love is a choice", he says and it's true.
Aside from band, I've just had so much other influence in knowing so many diverse people. All these people have really had a small part in how I've metamorphosed into a young man. It's wonderful.
                          I really appreciate all the knowledge I've been able to sop up at Timpview. Had I not moved up here, I would not hoop dance, I would not have spoken in front of a thousand people, I would not have met one of the few living Code Talkers (despite him having a concussion and saying awesomely crazy things), I definitely would not speak 日本語 (Japanese for all of you 外国人 [ which means crackers See also: Dakine]), and I would not have met some of the most beautiful people I know.
 In brief....
I would NOT change the fact that I had moved (given the chance of  course)

In other news..... well....
I went to Uchi, a Tepanyaki style restaurant for my 
Senior Ball dinner with                                                                       
                 SARAH JAKINS!!!1exclamation point!
and after all the flair and tricks, my only comment was on the high quality of the man's knife. It is not often I'm envious of another man's knife, but that night I was. mmmmm.... the memory itself is delicious.
      Yeah. Boom. Disney in the 90s and my  srsly flavorite vid lawl
I realized how many people I've gotten to know at school, and how I cannot go anywhere without saying hello to somebody. It's marvelous. Speaking of marvelous.... I LESS THAN THREE Marvellous Catering!! Besides being family friends, these people make delicious food, fo' sho'. Not to mention the facilities to cook a metric ton of meat to perfection. Or that they've converted powertools to culinary instruments. (Once again I'm envious)
What shall I post of next? Does anybody actually read this?  I know not the answer to either of these questions.    
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