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I come from a small town, enjoy laughing and being the weird one to help others smile. We should hang out sometime.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

I'm so sick of being just a convenient friend. I am done with being blown off time and time again. I've got three friends I know will always be there for me, and sadly all of them may are mostly memories. I'm just done with all this. Done done done done done. If I weren't such a nice guy and if I didn't have a conscience I would be living as I could elsewhere. Preferably out of country.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

5 Minutes


  1. They taste like victory!
  2. They don't talk back!
  3. I get to use my mouth!
  4. They are there for me!
  5. They love me back!


A needle pulling thread

You guys totally didn't miss me.  But that's alright.

I didn't miss you either.

Here. Have some funnies I had lying around my hard drive.

We all know what his font means! If you don't know... well you haven't stalked my blog enough. 

Ummm... once upon a time there was a (not so little) boy who had friends. Sometimes he'd even speak to them. Then magically there came an enchanted friend who made this boy very happy and filled his life with joy. 

Wasn't that a lovely story? I liked the part when the boy had the imagination.