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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Making stalking me easy since 2010

For once I'll cut to the good part. None of that random teasing you about how you are somewhat stalking my life or that there is something amazingly awesome that I'm going to post about. I'm not even going to mention whether or not I have amazing friends in this introductory paragraph because honestly, who even reads this?

 I have a friend. His name is Andrew Smith. This guy, he has been my best friend since kindergarten. Alas, the whirling eddies of life tore us apart three and a half years ago. Luckily enough, he is up here in Utah County for school. Just this past Wednesday, he and I met up and decided we were to hang out. First thing he said? Something along the lines of, "It's been too long man!" About two minutes later? "Dang your voice got deep!" Well... yes.... that happens to some of us. (which makes me really wonder if my voice is all that deep. I mean I know I have a far better range than most my peers but I know not if I really speak deeper) Continuing on.... we got shakes and caught up on old times. Then we went bowling. Six games we played and many laughs were had. I found out that I play pretty dang decent with my left hand and that your fingers have muscles that can get pretty dang sore. It was a great night.

The following day: Utah State Fair. Before the fair though, I had the joy of finishing my I-9 papers for my new job. I successfully passed the drug test and we were on our way to the fair. About two minutes went by then the transmission was having issues. We made it into Bountiful before the transmission decided to give up and die. I managed to blow out the sole of my left shoe pushing it up a hill to an auto shop. Now for me, these shoes have lasted for ages. They're about 8 months old. They usually die around 6 months. Anywho after the mishap with the vehicle, our only option was to rent a car. By divine providence we were a mere two blocks from place to rent cars. Long story shortened: we got to the fair. Now this year was a little strange for me. The rides didn't really thrill me and I was far more excited to see the vendors. What I truly wish I could have spent more time doing was wandering the numerous art exhibitions they had.I also ate Rocky Mountain Oysters. They were delicious.  

 I have awesome friends. Doubt me? That's too bad. Today we threw knives and played with hoops. Later my friends and I partied like none others. We smiled and laughed and made merry. I personally met some new people and had a blast. All my attempts to describe the evening are staunchly defied. 

People like you don't come out of thin air.

I would also like to apologize for my frivolous musings. They leak in from time to time when I forget to feed myself. I will try to refrain from making them so public, for my sake if not for your peace of mind.

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