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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


 Today's message brought to you by:

because they're amazing and make me happy


 As you all recall [or if not go read my other posts like a good stalker] I have been working on reworking myself, both my physical self and my mental outlook. I look at myself in the mirror and realize how much I truly have changed, how I have genuinely bettered myself. Can any others tell a difference? Most likely not. Do I feel different? Most definitely. 

Though as I continue to reform myself, I constantly am seeing things more elements about me I wish to change. What might I wish to change most about myself? 

                                                            That's an awesome question.

   My fear of what I feel, of letting others know it? Or perhaps 'tis me fearing what others will think of me. 

Of letting down my walls and baring all that I am to somebody? Who I am?

I find it pretty dang amusing that what I won't admit to any one person I am here admitting it to anyone and everyone that would read my little corner of interspace. 
I'm sorry to bore you with this drivel, but having it out of me, where somebody just might care makes me feel better than I do when I have a Ding Dong in my hand.    

It is now time for the spoiler section of the post....
My brothers, take the chance. I know I would rather hurt than feel nothing at all. She might brush you aside but at least then you won't waste your hours thinking about what might have been. And if you're reading this and happen to lack a Y chromosome, let us hopeful romantics down easy. We manly types may not show it, but we really do have emotions. Albeit, some choose to shove them away while others are extravagant when expressing them in hopes that what really is felt might be hidden. In the end does it help anything at all? Just let the sentiments flow. That way if some higher power is smiling upon us, we just might get to see those smiles that make the sun seem dim, hear those words that make our souls soar, and have the memories that we would do well to cherish til the end of days.

♥ ---  Yes. Hopeful romantic. I myself am one. We are those who have the stoic resolve to continue hoping against all hope that by some chance the one will one day return our affections. How do I know I'm one? Well.... when I think about a certain somebody  I begin to think in lyrical prose. I think of how I, like the flower sunken within the depths of winters heart, doth long for just a lingering touch of mine summer sun.     [Seriously. It's pitiful. It's commiserative. It's sad. But in the end it's part of me.]

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