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Monday, August 22, 2011


Today.... I woke up at six in the morning to make sure my sister were up and prepared for school.  To do this I had to morph into.....


Yes, I did just name myself that. I roused the troops, sent them to their morning ablutions and began preparing their fajitas (no pansy cereal for my girls). Soon we were all munching happily on food and ready for school. It was hardly 6:45. Their pick-up times were 8:05 and 8:40. What did we do? We did what any normal family does and partied around while watching/listening to Youtube videos.

After seeing the littlest one off, I watched Invader Zim with the twelve year old. Soon enough it was time for me to escort her off to her new bus stop. Arriving on time (that is to say early) I we had about six minutes before the bus was due to arrive. It was then that I had an epiphany. Why not teach my sibling to count to ten in like five languages? That'd be impressive and should spark some love for language. So far she has 1-3 in English, Spanish, French, Japanese, and almost in Navajo. Pretty impressive I must admit, I mean we're just so full of brains!

Now to speak of my dream I had last night. I believe it was a sign to start this blog post... It was about... the living dead. 
I stood alone, twas midday on Timpview's soccer field. Coming from all directions were those Solanum infected brutes. The zombies. Reaching above my shoulders with both hands, I drew my dual katanas. I dashed to and fro, decapitating all those infected that unknowingly lurched toward certain (re)death. Hearing cries for help from the band room, I rushed Northward. Upon reaching the loading dock I saw a veritable horde attempting to reach the tender morsels above. Not stopping to ponder the situation I sliced in and diced out. Seeing a friend weaponless, I tossed one sword up and whipped out my trusty hatchet. Braining the undead with my left hand and decapitating with my right, I annihilated the threat to my friends. Just then my family pulled up in a pickup. I doubt I will be soon to forget the sight. In the bed of the truck were my two sisters with .22 rifles and amongst a veritable stockpile of goods. Riding shotgun, was my father who lived up to the name of the seat by wielding the 870 Remington shotgun. Driving was my mother. I vaulted into the back and we were off. I had a sudden Legend of Zelda moment. Sitting there and beckoning to me, was a crate. Hurriedly I flipped the top open to see what it could possibly be. It was.... the MASTERKEY.

 Perhaps the greatest anti-zombie weapon I could ask for. A shotgun mounted on an assault rifle. Can we say driving through town was wonderful target practice? Not to mention that my mother was putting to effective use a 9mm Browning while driving. 

I rather enjoyed this dream.... and I hope you did as well! 

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