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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Random Ramblings

Tonight we have the random ramblings of a somewhat red-skinned and rakish young man. Now what shall I talk about? Too bad. You don't get to find out quite yet.   

                                     (Seriously. If you haven't figured out I just pour out what's left of my heart and soul on this random internet domain, you need to stick your head in a barrel of cold water)




   I know you all love how I write and blather on endlessly about things. But I know... you really come here for the somewhat joking things I say about the undead menace. You know....
This guy

Now that's just too bad because I'll talk about whatever I like =P
                                                                        What is it about girls that make them so... adorable?

Well fellers, your guess is as good as mine. To me, it's everything about them and most importantly (Yes it's cliche. What else do you expect from little ol' me?) what their personality is like. The rest is just a bonus

I mean when you really sit yerself down and think, what else matters? If being on a date with the most beautiful girl in the world would be a total drag, why go on it? Fortunately the majority of comely women I know are great fun to be around :D

Enough about those girly things. They have cooties.

Recently I've been doing a ton of reflecting. Usually at that ravishing time when the sun touches the horizons.
Like this

They are all so overwhelmingly beautiful in their own way. I have been finding myself for the past while finding myself outside to just stand and stare at these everyday occurrences. Such beauty is oftentimes overlooked so easily perhaps because it is taken for granted. 

Now back to what I've been reflecting about. 

I have come to realize I LOVE sooo many people. I would sincerely take a bullet for the majority of people I know. (Not to mention how awesome that would be to say I've done) 

Why all the love? Why not? Everybody has so much to offer one another. I just think it's so silly we all get hung up on personal grudges and vendettas. I know I have been far from loving of my fellow man but what is the point of anything else? It just causes more feelings of contention and unhappiness. But I've noticed the more I try to show my love for others, the better I feel about myself. You might want to try the same ;-)  


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