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Sunday, January 29, 2012


Okay. Once upon a time I was amusing and such on the blog. When did this thing turn into my venting place? I dunno....

It is is time. 

It is time for the Smile of Happiness 

to rise up from the ashes and shine forth like never before.


Now for the serious thought...

You know those people who pour absolutely EVERYTHING they've got into life? It's as if positive energy is dripping out of their ears... you know those people who you don't really even know, but they somehow make you want to experience more, to get to know people more, to make every day into something special? yeah...I want to be like that. (THANK YOU Melissa Gee)
I have very much been trying to change my life to live it as such. The best part? I have a role model for it. His name? Dale Thomas Tingey. Who's he? Well here is a tiny bit about him.
Fighter Pilot during WWII, founder of American Indian Services, recipient of the Day of '47 Health Education & Humanitarian Assistance Award, and most important to me, he is my grandfather. I doubt there is anywhere he could go in the nation without knowing somebody or being known by somebody.
1:22 shows where I get my mad skillz

Yes. He is fantastic. He is a man who has dedicated his life and everything in it to serving others. He oozes vitality. (Seriously. He turns 88 this year and is still running around serving.) He wreaks of positiveness. He is my role model. Want to know more about him? Maybe try reading a bit of his biography, Same Drum Different Beat. Or better yet, you should come with me and say hello to him sometime. He enjoys the like and we might get to do some fun service. What kind of fun service? Stacking mountains of chocolate boxes.
 May the odds ever be in your favor.

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