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Monday, January 2, 2012

Captain's Ledger 9-30-2011

Today, I begin spreading the elaborate chronicles of my adventures in......


While the concept of bagging up thousands of pounds of these tiny eggs (which seem to be a mix betwixt sand and mud) is a bit mind boggling, it happens. Care to learn more? Call me or hang out with me. Or you could just read the blog....

Captain's Ledger
Entry date: Friday 9-30-2011

I, Captain Kirk Bourne Phillips, am keeping this ledger to record my memoirs and adventures abroad whilst brine shrimping.

       Wednesday the 28th was orientation. Orientation consisted of two hours of PowerPoint presentations and four hours of ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) training. The ATV training pushed my patience to the brink of disaster. Training aside, we traveled around 2.5 hours to reach our destination of MAIN CAMP. At MAIN CAMP, all but three of us fresh harvesters were assigned to several different camps. I was among the triad of lost souls. After yet another two hours of waiting, we were assigned to our respective camps. I was sent, along with one other man (Maurice Benally, a Navajo) to CAMP MORTON. MORTON was the most remote of the camps and because the sun was setting, we were unable to make the long ride out to what would become my home. Bunked in MAIN CAMP kitchen trailer.
     Thursday the 29th was a day that started late for me, about 5:45 A.M.  Left Morton around 7:30 A.M.  Arrived at mile marker 93 on I-80 Westbound sometime later, at which time I began unloading foodstuffs we had brought with. Walked with the Bosun (Bill, my supervisor who happened to be on federal parole for robbing a bank) around 1 mile to acquire ATVs  stashed in our smuggler's cove. Returned to highway, loaded ATV trailers with belongings and food, then made my first trip to my new home.I cooked the first meal in the camp, lunch. Chicken stewed in tomatoes and orange juice with a side of mixed vegetables. Reset of day spent organizing Kitchen tent (and carpentry for storage shelves). Managed to leave while dinner (chicken fritters and mixed vegetables) was being prepared. Dug my grave.

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