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Friday, January 20, 2012

Painted nails, Pain, and a Spinning Swing

My toenails are this color. Bright, beautiful, shocking, and totally unexpected. You see, the other night I started Hapkido. A friend invited me once and I was hooked. 

In my younger years I was a fighter. In my younger years I went out with a will to destroy. In my younger years I competed in the Utah Summer Games and brought back mostly gold. In my younger years, I was a fool and a firebrand.

Anywho.... I fell into the block as the lowest of the low. Sporting my gym shorts and native pride shirt whilst the score of other students were in their hangul (도복) and hanja (道服).

During the beginning of class, I wowed the crowd with my flexibility (HAWT). The rest of the class consisted of me being shown everything once and the other students being amazed. One of the biggest things was I can roll. Yeah. I'm good at falling.

So the actual end (so far) is that I have a black belt in Hapkido. It's rather something I feel proud of. Not just because I can walk in and say, "Oh look at me. I am better than you." but that I have engrained good technique into myself and those years of training have not been wasted.

 I used to train Kenpo Karate. This guy is Navajo. I am monologue-ing.

 In other news... 

I have begun working out again. This has left me terribly sore from going all in and leaving nothing behind. Not to mention I accidentally grabbed 40 pound dumb-bells while competing with friends curling 25 pound dumb-bells....

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