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Friday, January 27, 2012



Awkward: adjective Lacking skill or dexterity

Awkward definitely describes a great many things about me. Awkward times I laugh, awkward statements, but most importantly (detrimental) awkward attempts at courting. 

When it comes to girls... I feel like this guy at 3 minutes-4 minutes and definitely 4:42-6:20, just minus the happy ending. You should definitely watch 4:42-6:20. It'll make your day.

I've gotten much better over the past few years, for the most part I'm only clumsy. I just really wish I could manage to get out what  I actually want to say. 

Then I'm more often than not, here in the Friend Zone. This is the point where you click here if you dunno what I am referring to. You should also click on it if you want to be entertained or if you are/have been in marching band.

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