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Thursday, February 16, 2012


Modern Samurai

Man.... Sometimes I wish I had sweet hobbies.

Oh wait....


I guess I have some that are kinda.... mostly sweet. 

 I imagine at this point you are either rattling off strange things I do or you are wondering what I consider some of my hobbies.

People watching: People watching or crowd watching is the act of observing people and their interactions, usually without their knowledge.

 People are weird. I enjoy watching them . Now that may be creepy, oh well. If you have a problem with me doing this, shove off. You ever notice how people just do strange things when put into groups? Yeah. No more prattle on this.

Acting strangely. You know how there's always some weird kid in a group of people? I'm both of them. No I'm not. Yes I am. I prance, I skip, I act like a T-rex before diving into rolls. I'm only mostly weird.

Martial arts. I enjoy them. Some would say I've got mad nunchuck skills, they would be correct. I currently hold a 1st degree black belt in Kenpo Karate and a black belt in Hapkido. My favorite weapon? My good looks. But seriously, I enjoy working with staves or escrima sticks. 

I totally enjoy the company of beautiful women. Some guys as well, but mostly the women part. Now before you go off thinking crazy thoughts about me being a player, stop. Girls are far better than guys. Examples? Smell, humor, all around awesomeness.

I have some cool Native hobbies to....

You know what is totally unrelated to the previous statement? Working out. Working out is fun for me, most especially when I'm with my skinny friends. They make me feel like I'm a big, beefy guy. The best part when I work out, is I usually end up dancing. Now I'm no dancer, so it all basically looks like I'm having a stroke or a conniption fit. 

Back to Nativeness... I don't do much. My family is by no means traditional. I don't recall ever meeting any of my native relations. My mother was adopted young so most of the things that I do that are decidedly native I have actually learned from my father.

Like hatchet throwing      

Or maybe even archery. Though I am no where near the beast this man is.

Then I also happen to be an exotic dancer. Exotic being that it is native, and that you don't see it around all that often.

All these photos were done by Emma Marie. She has fantastic photography skills. You should go check out her work (and like her page) at this link here. I personally enjoy her website MUCH more. Seriously. If you are reading my blog, go browse through her portfolio. She is a paragon of photographers across the valley.             

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