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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Yes. I'm one of those rare guys who can play video games AND have a social life. What might I play? Well... I don't really know.

Yes friends. I am a geek. 

I play it.

Pretty colors are awesome, aren't they? You know what else is awesome? Being completely comfortable announcing to the world you play this guy....

Basically I spend around 4 hours a week playing this. Pretty fun I must say.

To be honest though.... I have very much become a fan of The Legend of Zelda.

So much time I have spent in my attempts to beat all the games. Have been successful? You betcha! I mean come on, you play the part of a guy destroying evil hordes to save his beautiful princess. The best part? You do all of this without pants.  Where does he keep all his stuff anywho?

I've recently beat Skyward Sword, the most recent installment of the Zelda series. Towards the beginning of it all, I had an epiphany. What if Link is really just a deranged psychopath and we are only seeing things from his perspective? He goes around killing monsters and taking their hearts and most likely ingesting them.
Sick and a bit twisted? Yes. Does it make for a wonderful game? For sure. I mean this game has puzzles, storyline, and depth! And a rabid protagonist. What isn't there to like?
You know what else is cool? A fair number of the games have vicious chickens. 
El Pollo Diablo
These chickens, when provoked, are the most vicious of any Link's opponents. Did I mention they're indestructible? You can't blow them up with bombs, chop them with a sword, or stick them with an arrow. They are like "your mom" jokes. They just won't die. It is my opinion Link should make armor out of them. He would be invincible! Not only would they protect him, they would attack his enemies and also allow him to fly. Genius? Of course it is. That's why I didn't pay someone else to draw it up for me.

May the odds ever be in your favor.

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