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Sunday, February 5, 2012


Basically this picture comes from a fantastic place....
this blog here.

Now that I've got the funny part of this post out of the way, I can be serious.

I felt like meat. 

I felt like I was being weighed and measured. But for the most part, I felt like I was being eyed up and down, devoured, if you will.

Why is this? Where? I'll tell you, because we both know you are ever so fond of hearing about my semi-awkward life. 

I remember it like it was yesterday (because it was). I had overslept until 1:30 PM. I had a date to pick up at 3:00 PM. Did I mention I had to do all my chores? So there I am, a cyclone of work getting everything done. I go to select my clothing and I only have one shirt. Now this shirt... it has a funny story. 
 I once went and hiked the Y with some friends. During the run down, I encountered a discarded shirt.  Said shirt is a V-neck and seemed terribly small, of course I donned it. Much to our surprise, it fit
Back to this clean shirt. I didn't have time to wash another, I had to wear it. The date went without a hitch and was terribly fun. Being done at about 2200 hours I was invited to a movie with a buddy and a friend at her BYU apartment. It was me, my best friend, and seven girls. We (the two guys) walked in, following our friend. Best buddy is seen first as he rounds the corner ahead of me, and then I walked in. This is the point where I feel awkward and eyed up and down.  I very much felt like livestock being appraised. The worst part? Everytime I decided to speak everybody got quiet. Awkward.  

Apparently this is what I look like....

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