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Friday, August 9, 2013

Life is good

Pretty much what I look like... in some weird alternate universe where I'm actually attractive.  I really have no idea why I have this picture saved, it was just titled "woopwoop".

Life is good.

I know at times it seems like I don't think so, but really this place is my venting place. You see, I've got this problem with being a nice guy. I try very hard never to be detrimental to other people, so I rather let it build up within and then it comes out in a torrent which needs be stopped.

Anywho back with the story. Life is good. There are a hundred thousand little things to be grateful for, and more keep popping up the more I look for them. One of the biggest ones for me, is actually quite small. A simple smile can make a day, especially if you know it's specifically for you. 

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