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Monday, October 15, 2012

A hug :-)

Oh my goodness. I just want to run 

I really have this huge urge to go off to Europe. I want to go see, I want to go and do. For somebody who is so used to randomly and rampantly rambling, I am at a loss of words to fully express how I feel as of now. It feels so right for me to go and the timing works rather very wonderfully. Oh gosh. I really need to quit thinking.

Other awesome news in my life? Well... not so much. Though I totally had the most pleasant surprise I've had in a long while, the other day. I was at work (like I always am), just grinding away at the stone, when I just so happened to look up. What to my most pleasant surprise, I saw a friendly face!! Now this face was deep into a debate on some subject with their peers (I do believe the subject was Humanities) and did not notice my advance. That is she did not notice my advance until about three steps into it. I was going to be perfectly content to just walk on up and say my salutations. For her, this was not so. She immediately cried out, "BOURNE!" and proceeded to fly out of her seat and around the tables to get to me, for I was on the other side of the railing. Let me tell you, it's been awhile since I've had a flying hug. One would not think that a wisp of a girl would be able to impact me so much, but I nearly lost my balance when I was hugged. It was so very fine. The mandatory catching up and small talk commenced and I spent two or three minutes more than I should have chatting, but it was well worth it.

   Isn't it so strange how a smiling face can drastically improve your day? How a simple embrace can send your spirit soaring? How all these tiny interactions go on to have a Ripple Effect? I love it.


  1. It took me a second to realize who you were talking about... Bourne! Thank you so much! You are one of those spirits that brings so much happiness to me and you came at the perfect moment. I think I shall eat breakfast there more often. Sorry I winded you... ;)

  2. Oh, if you go to Europe, either take me with you or bring it all back.

  3. Hey Kelsey!! How about I take lots of pictures and tell you all of my not so cool yet mildly entertaining stories? And you definitely need to arrange some outing where I can come enjoy your presence.