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Thursday, May 10, 2012


The main character of our story settled down into that driving position which can be maintained for hours on end. A few things flashed by which were of passing interest. Dead snake. Baby stroller. Ice cream cone. For near on one hundred miles he drove, just to reach a small hamlet that was mostly untouched by the twenty-first century. Upon reaching this lovely little town, he roused his co-pilot, who had dutifully stayed attentive at his post. What was so important at this place? An idea. The idea of a "double date".  On this outing, twas hiking, a movie, and soaking in thermal springs. Our protagonist greatly enjoyed these activities with the simple locals and looks forward to the next event where they may meet. 
                   In another paragraph of his story, he went on an even greater hunt. The "tripe date". Yes my friends, it happened. Might I say that the outing will defy any attempt your humble orator may put forth to portray it in words. With that said, here is a picture which might exemplify the joy of the hunt.

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