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Sunday, March 25, 2012


I'm sick of being used. All my life all I've ever been is a tool. The worst part is I keep falling for the same tricks, the same lies. I'm good for a kiss or two then it's the door for me. I"m good for a few answers on the homework then they no longer know me.  Relationships? Forget it. I'm a good guy. That means I am relegated to the friend zone because I'm a "really great guy". I'm so sick of being somebody elses plaything.

"I hurt myself today,

 to see if I still feel.

 I focus on the pain, 

the only thing that's real.

The needle tears a hole, 

the old familiar sting.

 Try to to kill it all the way, 

but I remember everything."

Everyone I know goes away in the end.

Basically the only good thing recently is I got a text out of the blue.  I will share a little snippet now.
"Ever since I first met you, I've wanted to get to know you. You're unique. You do thing that most people I know wouldn't have the courage to do. You're smart and caring. You're amazing Bourne. There's so much to you than people notice."


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