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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Disneyland, Learning, and a package

Content in this blog may cause retinal scarring, mental breakdown, and laughter. Proceed with CAUTION!!!@21

Scroll to bottom for spoilers.

Once upon a time, a magical marching ensemble went to share their melodious gift with hundreds and hundreds of people. They visited the "Happiest Place on Earth" to share their happiness with the land of Disney. During the jaunts of a small group of friends in a little seen corner of the magical land, they chanced upon a shop of war. The men of the group rushed in to goggle at the eyecandy. A particularly adept warrior ogled at the glorious katanas they had in this heraldic shoppe. The band continued on their travels until their marching ensemble had the time of their calling. Directly after their last performance for the year, that young warrior gathered some of his close friends and hurried to make a purchase that could very well change his life. He procured those two katanas.  After a very long wait of 74 days, they finally arrived along with a complimentary dagger. By this time the excitement was eeking out of the young man and he made a poor decision in his excitement. He chose to go home to swords and work rather than spend some time with a very, very dear friend. The moral of this story... remember what's important.
 On a side note (yes, this story is a story from my life) the swords are very fun and I got very sore trying to remember the katas (Katta? Somebody help me with my Japanese). Even just basic Japanese strike patterns I had forgotten and would keep mixing up with the Phillipino strike patterns. Any questions? If so... feel free to   COMMENT on it below. 

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