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Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Beginning

Well I have must needs of giving into the temptation that is making a blog post about the new year. First I'll recap Christmas break. Work....work...work.... I had quite the opportunity to cover for a coworker who left for the holidays. I got 9 nice 6-8 hour days of working mornings and with my parents. Wake up at 5:30 AM, head into the work, cut 6 sheets of fresh made Focaccia, and make some pretty fruit displays. Then come around 7 I get to work on Novatek, which is a recurring catering order we have. After all that's done and other catering orders are satisfied I'm helping with the breakfast rush. So much fun!
Anywho.. besides work I lounged around the house not doing much or spending some wonderful time with a certain friend XD    But in all honesty... Christmas rushed in on me too fast. I spent too much time Wednesday and Thursday rushing around attempting to find acceptable gifts for friends and family.          Shortly after Christmas I had the joy of having a birthday. I received the inevitable flood of wall posts on Facebook from adoring fans who rarely speak to me any day but have no trouble wishing me happy birthday. Sometimes I kinda wish those people would manage to say hello, you know? But I graciously replied to each and everyone. I must be a saint of the latter days.... I must apologize for the poor pun but it is late after all. On my birthday I had the distinct pleasure to hang around Provo with Sarah Jakins. We played Little Big Planet at her house (which I must say I have distinctly enjoyed playing) and then proceeded to go to the International Buffet where I introduced her to mussels, crab legs, sushi, eel sauce, and clams. It was really delicious!! The worst part about it is that we went to Cafe Rio half an hour later with my family and some family friends. Needless to say I was extremely content and semi-comatose from the copious amounts of food which I put down. After Second Dinner, my family, and Sarah and I returned to our house and there my parents decided to inflict the most devastating of tortures on me.... they brought out.... THE "TAPE"!!! The "Tape", as it is called, is a collection of home video clips of my life from about -1 month to about 72 months. I sat there in horror as Sarah saw my birth and weighing at 7 pound 7.8 ounces. She saw me as a small child running around in circles chasing dogs, eating ashes, speaking with my speech impediments. It was a nightmare I couldn't wake up from. I think the entire video lasted two hours. Too long.
         The day after my birthday is New Year's Eve and it was also a blast! I did little throughout the day and had the good fortune of not having to go in to work that day. I later showered and went to the dance and "happened" to run into Sarah there. Along with Michael Peterson and Jaron Harris. Jaron and I got the wonderful idea that we should slick our hair back to be more 50s. We didn't think it through too well because we ended up using gel... and it looked really weird. Luckily my hair doesn't take gel very well and it returned to a semi-normal state after some ridiculous dancing and whipping my hair back and forth Willow Smith style.  The night was very fun!! Now on this New Year's Day... I've done a lot of thinking. I really need to get back into shape, practice my hoop dancing, and get my life back into shape. So for once in my life, I am doing New Year's resolutions. Pretty strange stuff. Well here I am, up at 1:51 AM January the Second updating anyone that cares to read this on my life. Pretty fun. I must apologize for the poor writing of this one post, I am hoping you will forgive me. If not.... eat rocks and smell funny!!

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