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Friday, April 28, 2017

I saw forever in her eyes
Tasted eternity in her kiss
My belly home to butterflies
It's her I truly miss

Her arms are home
Her laugh the sweetest melody
The most loved goddess of Rome
Her name, my threnody

Alone, I now wander
Damned to ponder
The heart grows fonder
Her love I did squander

Left to my thoughts
Self loathing
Animus rots
Solace brought by no thing

Telling constant lies
"I'm fine." "Everthing's okay"
I'll rest and never rise
Not this day

She feeds me false hope
Dares me dream of tomorrow
Wants me to cope
All I feel is sorrow

Death would be such a sweet release
No more feeling
Eternal peace
Emptiness so appealing

I am but a husk, hollow
Why continue on?
A bullet to swallow
All that is good is gone

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