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Monday, November 5, 2012


RHey there. I've figured it has been too long since I've given a proper update of my life. Sadly, a proper update is not in this post. Life has been hectic. Not too long ago I was working 220 hours months and it was no bueno. I lived at work, that was all I had time for. Work and my three hour nap. Somehow I sneaked food in.

Last week I quit my second job and now will only be working in the Riverwoods as assistant pastry and making ALL the sweetbread for both Provo stores. One would think that I would finally have free time for fun stuff, but that is wrong. My family has moved and that has consumed my free hours the past week. I am so glad we have all the hard stuff done now (mostly I'm thankful I no longer have to do heavy lifting by myself).

Ummm I do believe this is the point in the post where I try to make myself seem human and vulnerable. Foolish fleshbags, I am invincible.

But yeah... I hate having to sit around and watch somebody slowly kill themselves day by day. I hate that no matter what I do, nothing I accomplish matters to them, that they blind themselves and bind themselves further to Death.

I also miss cuddling. It is such a stupid activity when you think about it. I mean you sit around with somebody and pretty much do nothing. That's one of the best parts. Being able to just sit around and be at peace, to open up enough to someone to be able to just relax. Sharing warmth and sharing thoughts, enjoying the moment and sometimes revelling in the beauty of our natural world. Not to mention there really is something about holding somebody who seems so delicate but feels so strong. Like they are anchored to the earth, that they can endure all.

Hey. You guys really shouldn't let me ramble on like that. It might make me seem like I care.

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